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Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off! Use Code CIRCUIT10
Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off With Code CIRCUIT10
Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off! Use Code CIRCUIT10

Cooper FXOutward v2

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Cooper FX Outward v2

The Cooper FX Outward is a multi-mode granular digital sampling device that records audio and processes it and plays it back in different ways, great for ambience and glitchy effects. The clock knob adjusts the speed of the DSP chip from 10kHz to 60kHz. At lower speeds, the sampling buffer is longer but noisier and of lower quality. There is also a clock alt mode which quantizes the clock to fifths and octaves. The tone control is a low pass filter, particularly useful to filtering out the noise present at lower DSP speeds. Mix and volume set the mix of the dry and affected signal and volume sets the volume of the wet signal. Modes, presets and alternative control modes can be accessed by the buttons.

The Outward contains eight modes;smooth env, smooth LFO, freeze, choppy env, choppy LFO, stutter, time stretch A, and time stretch B. The SPD/SNS, SIZE, and PIT/DIR controls change based on what mode you're in. The SPD/SNS knob can adjust the sensitivity, LFO speed, time stretch speed, or a digital mix. The SIZE knob can control smearing, buffer size, or grain size. The PIT/DIR knob can control the octave blend and direction. The FRZ/TAP footswitch can either freeze the incoming audio buffer or act as tap tempo for the LFO speed (in certain modes). The bypass control turns on and off the effect. The freeze and bypass can either be momentary or latching, depending on the length of the press. There is also an expression pedal/CV input that can be used to control any of the digital parameters. The expression/cv input cable must be a stereo cable with CV through the tip and ground through the sleeve. Using a mono cable will damage the unit. The Outward v2 can be used as a looper, delay, or time stretcher, with the ability to access tap tempo LFO and freeze function, making it a very versatile and capable pedal.

Outward v2 Features

  • Granular pedal
  • Eight modes
  • Low pass filter
  • Adjustable DSP speed
  • True bypass
  • Up to four presets that can be saved and recalled on the fly
  • Freeze audio buffer
  • Footswitches can act as momentary or latching
  • Multi-function digital controls
  • Expression pedal/CV input
  • LFO with tap tempo
  • TBD
  • 9v center tip negative,200mA
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