ArturiaOB-Xa V Virtual Synthesizer


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Arturia OB-Xa V

Arturia has set out to create a faithful recreation of the OB-Xa and brings it to software, capturing the character of this classic synthesizer with the OB-Xa V. The architecture starts with two oscillators with adjustable waveshape. Oscillator two can be detuned from oscillator one for added thickness and the two oscillators can cross modulate each other, leading to metallic FM sounds. In designing the OB-Xa, Oberheim switched to integrated Curtis filter chips, providing greater stability. It features both 12dB/oct (2 pole) and 24dB/oct (4 pole) cutoff slopes, allowing you to dial in the exact filtering you want. The polyphony has been doubled from eight voices up to 16-note polyphony. The voices can be spread across the stereo image, providing huge swirls of sound that travel through the stereo field.

The modulation matrix is a flexible tool for routing the modulation sources to destinations. The LFO section has been revamped with additional waveforms and the ability to sync the LFO. Arturia also included four bipolar digital function generators that can be routed to any destination in the OB-Xa. These can be dynamically modified with full control of shape and time and can act as LFOs, envelopes, or step sequencers. An on-board arpeggiator can be used to make dynamic sequences easily. Just play a few notes and the arpeggiator does the rest. Improving on the original's mixer section, the OB-Xa V adds full volume control of both oscillators and noise in lieu of on/off buttons.

A built-in FX section brings delay, compression, bitcrushing, and more to the OB-Xa V to add additional sound sculpting possibilities. Arturia included over 400 presets, more than enough to get your creative juices flowing. This groundbreaking synthesizer made a huge splash when it was released and Arturia has captured the best parts of it and improved upon the original design.

OB-Xa V Features

  • Software recreation of the iconic Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Stereo spread controls on oscillator, filter, and LFO for huge stereo movement
  • Integrated modulation matrix for flexible signal routing
  • Up to 16 voices of polyphony
  • Built-in modulation and spatial effects
  • Individual voice panning
  • Oscillator cross modulation and creative voice detuning
  • Over 400 presets for getting you up and running
Windows system requirements: 7+ (64-bit)
  • Mac system requirements: 10.11+
  • Recommended RAM: 4GB+
  • Recommended CPU speed: 2.5Ghz+
  • GPU: Must be OpenGL 2.0-compatible
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