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Alexander PedalsMarshmallow Artificial Sweetener Pedal (Blue)


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Alexander Pedals Marshmallow

Sure to get you zooming on a sugar rush, Marshmallow from Alexander Pedals is a dual pitch-shifting pedal with loads of different properties and modes to create stable to crumbling effects of pitch. Based on six different algorithms, Marshmallow's main controls include "voice" and "two" which determine the degree of pitch shifting from the original signal as well as mix to blend back with your dry signal. Additional alternative coloring can be achieved via the secondary clock control, degrading from a pristine 24-bit audio path to a lo-fi and crunchy audio quality.

Achieve chorusing pitch shifts with the MOD mode or find more wobbly and random modulations in the RAND mode. Spin your input into intertwining arpeggiations with the ARPY mode or have the pitch shifts glide in based on incoming level with the DYNA mode. For more complex and timbrally developing pitch shifts, look to the RING mode ring-modulating the two pitch shifts, or even the CLOUD mode for lovely shimmers and pitch shifting delays. Each mode features a unique property combination of the "mod" and "alt" controls, but many overlap for easier understanding and recognition. Lock your shifts to a key or even chromatically with the pitch lock parameter, and slide into new sets of parameters with the WARP footswitch.

With expandability to add control from an expression pedal, Neo-footswitch or even MIDI, Alexander Pedals' Marshmallow is a fantastically flexible and inspiring pedal for creating magical and monstrous tones.

Marshmallow Features

  • Modulation and pitch-shifting multi-effect pedal
  • Six modes focusing around dual pitch shifts, arpeggiations, and modulation (MOD, ARPY, RAND, RING, DYNA, and CLOUD)
  • Voice and Two generally control interval of pitch shift with some variations on arpeggiation and dynamics
  • Mod control is specific per mode, be it depth of modulation, interval of arpeggio, envelope detection sensitivity, or even feedback
  • Alt control is specific per mode, be it rate of effect, amount of modulation, or balance
  • Decrease the clock from pristine 24-bit audio path to crunchy lofi and slowed down sounds
  • Pitch lock for locking in key (major or minor) or chromatically
  • Warp footswitch for ramping into different effect parameters, latched or momentary
  • Recall up to four presets from the bypass switch or up to 16 over MIDI
  • Multi-jack for expression pedal, Neo-footswitch, or even MIDI over TRS
  • mini-USB functionality for MIDI control and firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.6" x 1.5" (H x W x D)
  • Power Specs: 9V DC, 100mA (PSU not included)
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