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AC NoisesRespira Shimmer Reverb + Tremolo Pedal

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AC Noises Respira Shimmer Reverb + Tremolo Pedal

Inspired by cinematic movement and atmosphere, Respira by AC Noises pairs shimmer reverb with a flexible digital tremolo to generate dramatic swells and breathing, pulsating sonic ambiance. For the reverb algorithm, AC Noises teamed up with fellow Italian pedal designers Mastro Valvola for a lush and evocative shimmer effect. On the exterior of the pedal, the dry/wet Mix and Decay can be set by the small trimpots near the center toggle switch, and the relative levels for the transposed shimmer signals can be set via internal trimmers. As for the tremolo, a wealth of options are presented to give ambient connoisseurs the most flexible shaping possible. Rate and Depth determine how fast and intense the post-reverb tremolo effect will be, with the option to set the rate via Tap Tempo and a Division switch supporting quarter, eighth, triplet eight, and sixteenth notes. For unmatched flexibility, there's a whopping 16 different waveform options, separated into two banks of eight. Waveform selection is handled by a stepped encoder, ranging from basic waveforms like ramp and sine waves to random, stepped staircase, and other atypical shapes, while Symmetry skews any waveform in a manner similar to pulse-width modulation. But Respira doesn't stop there—the tremolo offers four modes: Master volume, Harmonic, Bass frequencies only, and High frequencies only. And depending on the mode, the Tone control behaves either as a standard EQ or filter, but also acts as a crossover control in the Bass and Treble modes, setting the point at which the tremolo will begin to affect different frequencies. Leave some breathing room in your music with the AC Noises Respira.

Respira Features

  • Shimmer reverb pedal with flexible tremolo
  • Reverb algorithm designed by Luca Romanelli, the designer behind Mastro Valvola pedals
  • Reverb controls: Mix, Decay, and two internal trimmers for +1 and -1 shimmer levels
  • Tremolo controls: Rate, Depth, Tap Tempo Division, Symmetry, Tone, Waveform selection, Mode
  • Four tremolo modes: Master/Optical, Harmonic, Bass-only, Treble-only
  • 2 banks of eight waveforms each
  • Expression pedal input controls tremolo depth
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 100mA, 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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