Abstract DataADE-33 Event Boss Rhythm Generator


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Abstract Data ADE-33

True to its name, the ADE-32 Event Boss is the master of all things pertaining to rhythm creation, generation, and modulation. Feed it normal clock signals and listen as it spits out insane rhythmic variations, or feed it rhythmic variations and sit back as it emits entirely new configurations! Perhaps best of all, users can determine the predictability of each pattern, allowing for effortless loops or generative oblivion.

Event Boss features six sets of algorithms: Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase, and Gates. Variables specializes in the creation of circadian-style rhythms, Multiples perpetrates clock division and multiplication by factors from 1-12, Probability produces pseudo-random variations, Logic achieves traditional logic functionality, Phase specializes in phase shifting and time-synced delays, and Gates involves trigger and gate sourced manipulation.

ADE-33 Features

  • Pattern and rhythm creation and manipulation
  • Spits musically meaningful rhythms and variations therein
  • 36 algorithms arranged in 6 sets
  • Takes clocks and generates rhythmic patterns
  • Can be configured as a clock divider/multiplier
  • Perpetrates logic-related functions and phase-shifting
Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss Rhythm Generator Reviews