4MSPercussion Interface + Expander Envelope Follower / Gate Extractor

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4MS Percussion Interface + Expander

Connecting to acoustic drums, drum pads, drum machines, or just about any audio source you can think of, the Percussion Interface and Expander from 4MS generates gates and envelopes from external audio. The Percussion Interface and Expander work in tandem to bring together a comprehensive gate and envelope extraction system.

Set the sensitivity level and overall input gain to control the level of the gate and envelopes fire. When the input source crosses this level, an envelope and gate signal are both initialized. Envelopes are available in both positive and inverted negative options. The negative envelope is an excellent way to sidechain external compressors. A sustain control sets the gate length and helps prevent any misfirings of the envelope. The envelope fires off in Gen mode when the gate signal goes high, with a sharp attack and exponential decay. It offers a consistent envelope shape every time it is triggered, defined by the sustain and decay controls. In follow mode, the envelope follows the loudness contours of the including audio. This mode can result in more complex envelope shapes.

Control the overall amplitude of the envelopes with the level controls and dedicated outputs found on the expander. An additional audio output brings your external audio up to modular levels for processing elsewhere in your system, making this pair useful as a general external input module. Use the Percussion Interface to dynamically control your modular synthesizer with eternal audio signals, from acoustic drums to drum machines and even your voice.

Percussion Interface + Expander Features

  • Gate extractor and envelope follower
  • Includes main module and expander
  • Extracts envelopes and gate from your audio sources
  • Gen mode generates a consistent envelope shape from the gate signal
  • In follow mode, the envelope mirrors the loudness contour of the incoming signals
  • Threshold sets the level at which the gate output becomes active
  • Inverted and non-inverted outputs with level control
  • Inputs on 3.5mm and 6.33mm
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: Percussion Interface: 25mm, Expander: 28.7mm
  • Current draw: With Expander: 104mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V, Without Expander: 69mA @ +12V, 56mA @ -12V
4MS Percussion Interface + Expander Envelope Follower / Gate Extractor Reviews