Future Sound SystemsOSC1 Cyclical Engine


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Future Sound Systems OSC1

OSC1 Cyclical Engine is an analog VCO which provides much more advanced functionality than your vanilla analog oscillator. Its core is a sawtooth oscillator that also features triangle, sinusoidal, and pulse waveforms.

Each of the four waveshapes are fed through their own VCA, which can act as a two or four quadrant multipliers. The waveforms are summed post-VCA at the mix output. The individual outputs of the waveforms are output directly on their corresponding jacks and are not affected by the VCA. The triangle, sinusoidal, and pulse waves have adjustable shape controls. The triangle and sinusoidal waveforms can be skewed forward or backwards into ramp or sawtooth-type waves, while the pulse wave has pulse width modulation. The FM input has a switch to select between exponential or linear FM and has a depth attenuator. A positive-going pulse at the sync input resets the sawtooth core and the inject input interferes with the core, creating inter-modulation type effects. The OSC1 offers features not found on many standard analog VCOs, like waveshaping, amplitude modulation, and more.

OSC1 Features

  • Analog VCO
  • Ramp, triangle, sinusoidal, and pulse waves with individual outputs
  • Two or four quadrant VCA per waveform
  • Mixed output of the VCA channels
  • Frequency range switch
  • Sync
  • Exponential or linear FM with attenuator
  • Wave shaper with attenuator for triangle, sinusoidal, and pulse waves
  • Inject input interferes with sawtooth core
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12v, 75mA @ -12v
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