Synthesis TechnologyE520 Hyperion Effects Processor (Black)


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Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion

The Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion Effects Processor is a high-performance stereo effects processor, loaded with a comprehensive collection of algorithms and extensive modulation options. The brains of the E520 is a 480mHz ARM Cortex M7 CPU with 64MB of onboard SDRAM that runs the algorithms at 24-bit/48kHz. It features the same kind of limited menu scheme found on the E352 and E370 modules, keeping features within easy reach. The E520 features stereo inputs and outputs configured independently as modular or line level.

Algorithms fall into two primary categories, time-domain and frequency-domain, with additional utility functions. Time-domain effects include stereo chorus, reversing delay, and a recreation of the E560 Deflector Shield module in both mono and stereo. Spectral effects include Voder Speech Filter Bank, Spectral Crusher, and Spectral Time Machine looper and pitch shifter. In addition, the utilities include an oscilloscope, tuner, frequency analyzer, and VU meters to visually represent what is going on with the module and its inputs. It also features a dual-chained mono mode where the left and right have independent algorithms, either dual mono or cascading from left to right with different algorithms to chain together two effects.

Each algorithm features four primary parameters with manual control and CV inputs with attenuators. In addition, each algorithm features stereo wet/dry mix and stereo feedback, either positive or negative. Four soft-touch buttons sit under the screen, three add algorithmic-dependent functions such as effects freeze, while the fourth provides a bypass function for turning the effects on and off. All CV inputs accept +/-5V signals up to 10kHz in frequency and feature attenuators. Four internal LFOs provide modulation without external modules, especially useful when treated as a standalone effects unit. Sync the E520 to a tap tempo using the button or an external clock source with the sync input. Each algorithm features six presets slots, both for stock presets and user-created and saved presets. The E520 also features 24 additional user presets accessible from the main menu.

Synthesis Technology sourced premium components for high fidelity audio processing. The onboard algorithms provide a robust collection of audio processing possibilities, and Synthesis Technology is continually developing new ones. Whether you're working with a full modular system or just want a way to add effects to your semi-modular devices, or even keyboard synths, the E520 is a killer effects unit.

E520 Hyperion Features

  • Stereo effects processing module
  • Includes time-domain and frequency domain effects algorithms
  • Shallow menu scheme found on the E352 and E370
  • 480mHz ARM Cortex M7 CPU
  • 64MB of onboard SDRAM for up to six minutes of stereo audio at 48kHz
  • Premium components not often found on Eurorack modules
  • Four algorithm-defined controls with CV inputs
  • Positive or negative feedback under voltage control
  • Four internal LFO with variable speed and waveform
  • Four algorithmic dependent soft-touch buttons
  • Sync to tap tempo button or external clock
  • Six presets per algorithm, plus 24 additional preset slots
  • Dual chained mono mode allows for two algorithms to run at the same time
  • Utility section with oscilloscope and analysis tools
  • Optional SD card to save looped audio and presets
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 48hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 240mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
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