SonicwareSmplTrek Portable Production Sampler


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Sonicware SmplTrek

Designed to let you capture inspiration anywhere and everywhere, Sonicware's SmplTrek is a totally complete and portable sampling instrument for recording and producing electronic music. Thanks to its built-in microphone and incredible connectivity, Smpltrek can record from instruments, other synths, and drum machines, computers with its audio inputs, but also smart phones directly over USB. Sampling is generally quick, with support for time-stretching, automatic slicing, and pitch transposition to make your life easier.

SmplTrek organizes projects into 16 Scenes, which may be arranged to flesh out the song that you're working on, representing verses, drops, etc. A Scene itself contains ten sequencer tracks, while there are also three global tracks for longer recordings to play across scenes. Sequencer tracks may be assigned to one of five types: Loop, One-Shots, Drum, Instrument, and MIDI, and all of these offer various types of audio playback or sequencing corresponding to their purpose. Of course, you can program or record the order of scenes, as well as apply audio effects before bouncing down to a single audio file.

To help you get started, SmplTrek ships with over 500 samples and 100 drum kits pre-installed, so you can make music right out of the box. Samples are recorded to an SD card, and management of samples and recordings may be done through USB Storage Mode when connected to a computer. SmplTrek is a portable pal that can keep your ideas flowing, regardless of where you might be.

SmplTrek Features

  • Portable music production sampler
  • Projects organized into 16 scenes
  • Each scene contains 10 sequencer tracks
  • Maximum 30 voices across sequencer tracks
  • Sequencer track types: Loop, Shots, Instrument, Drum, MIDI
  • 3 global audio tracks for longer recordings
  • One-touch sampling workflow
  • Auto-slicing, pitch shifting, time-stretching, and more
  • Maximum recording time of 180 minutes in stereo
  • 36 types of insert, send, or master FX
  • Streams audio over to USB to/from computers. tablets, and smartphones
  • SD card and USB cable not included
  • Audio quality: 48kHz, 16-bit
  • Power: 6x AA batteries or 12VDC Center positive (PSU Included)Dimensions: 5.8" x 7.8" x 1.8" / 147 x 175 x 46mm
  • Weight: 1lbs 3.5oz / 550g
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Product Demo Videos
SmplTrek Demo (Sampling and Scene function Test)
Easy Sampling
- One-touch sample recording.
- Auto-slicing can quickly split samples across the pads.
- Time-stretching can adjust a sample’s tempo to match your song.
- Pitch-changing functions can keep your samples in key.

Flexible Song-making
- Each song project has 16 scenes. One scene contains:
- 10 sequencer tracks
- 3 additional audio tracks for longer recordings such as vocals or guitar

Effortless Music Streaming
- With a single USB cable connected to your smartphone or PC/Mac, you can stream full-quality audio to audiences all over the internet.

Massive Sample Libraries
- Find inspiration for your next song with:
- 500+ high-quality sample sounds and 36 internal DSP effects.
- Import your own sounds with a SD card.

Versatile Connectivity
- Can accept input from a variety of equipment: Dynamic Microphones, Electric Guitar/Bass, General Line-level audio devices, PC/Mac and smartphones via USB. It can also synchronize playback with many musical instruments using MIDI and audio sync.
Sonicware SmplTrek Portable Production Sampler Reviews