MoogSpectravox Semi-Modular Analog Spectral Processor


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Moog Spectravox

Unleashed from the Moogfest workshop and available for public enjoyment, the Moog Spectravox is a semi-modular analog spectral processor, offering up the legendary sound of Moog filter banks and vocoders for a new generation of synthesists. Spectravox creates timbre-shifting sweeps, drones, and more on its own thanks to premium on-board Moog sound sources. Using the combo XLR/1/4" jack, Spectravox becomes a captivating sound processor, sculpting sound into new forms as voltage controlled filter bank, and creating classic and experimental vocoding tones in Vocoder mode.

Spectravox offers powerful and flexible signal processing to explore all sorts of morphed and mangled timbres. Unlike traditional fixed filter banks, the 10 processing filters in Spectravox are state variable and can be spread and shifted around in frequency. This extends the applications of Spectravox into the stratosphere, effortlessly summoning far-out tones from any sound source you throw at it. With an external input and preamp, Spectravox is ready to accept dynamic mics, line level signals, and more.

In addition to the 10 filters for processing, Spectravox also features 10 analysis filters. In Vocoder mode, these filters map the spectral profile of the external sound or program, and use it to control a carrier sound. Create robotic voice effects by controlling Spectravox's on-board analog oscillator, or excite the integrated noise generator with percussive signals to create spectral stabs and hits. With program and carrier inputs in the Spectravox's 36-point patchbay, any two sounds in your studio can be mapped to one another, providing endless fun and experimentation.

Spectravox is a perfect studio addition for Eurorack users thanks to its generous amount of CV control, but adds plenty of rich and modulated filter bank potential to any studio thanks to on-board triangle LFO. If you're interested in adding a captivating sound source, powerful processor, or classic vocoder to your collection, Spectravox wonderfully excels in every role, all at an accessible price point.

Spectravox Features

  • Semi-modular voltage controlled filter bank and vocoder
  • 10-band variable-resonance filter bank
  • Standalone sound source with flexible timbre shaping
  • Powerful vocoder with 10 additional analysis filters
  • 36-point modular patchbay offers extensive CV control
  • 1 low pass, 1 high pass, and 8 band pass filters in main bank
  • Analog VCO and white noise generator
  • Combo XLR/1/4" input jack with preamp supports dynamic mics and line level signals
  • On-board modulation with triangle LFO and decay envelope
  • Hiss and buzz modes emphasize vowel sounds
  • Dimensions: 12.84" x 5.64" x 4.2" / 32.61 cm x 14.33 cm x 10.67 cm
  • Power: 12VDC 2A center positive PSU (included) or Eurorack power supply
  • Eurorack power specs: 450mA @ +12VDC
  • Module depth: 38.1mm
  • Audio Input: Combo XLR/1/4" jack
  • Audio Outputs: 1/4" TRS headphone, 1/4" TS main output
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