FolkTek Matter II Drum-Wave Synthesizer

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FolkTek Matter II

Matter II from Folktek is a long-awaited redesign of their original module: an incredibly versatile sound generator for percussion, radio sounds, otherworldly interference, and more. Usability and performability are at the core of the new update. The tiny jumper cable patchbay is now replaced with a slick pin matrix, allowing for cordless connections. This helps tremendously with patch cleanliness and the overall experience of working with the module. Sound-wise Matter II still offers a lot, spanning on the spectrum from analog drum patterns to otherworldly drones to rich noisy textures. Besides being an excellent sound generator, the module is also perfect for processing external audio through its fuzz, filter, and distortion circuitry. Additionally, Matter II is designed to accomodate the expansion cards, which will be available in the future.

Matter II Features

  • Diverse sonic capabiilities
  • Expansion card compatible
  • 6x single point pin matrix allows for clean cordless patching
  • Banana pins included in the package
  • vactrol input over audio output level with light indication
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 23m@ +12V
Product Demo Videos
FolkTek Matter II Eurorack Drum Synthesizer With Pin Patching
FolkTek's Matter II not only makes interesting percussion sounds— it looks like a work of art and has a unique hexagonal pin matrix for changing internal routing. Even when you aren't sure exactly what the Matter II is doing you can create some great sounds with it. The Matter II has a built in vactrol VCA for everything from short sounds to atmospheric drones punctuated by feedback, noise and percussive hits.
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