Aion Modular904A Low Pass Filter


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Aion Modular 904A

Aion Modular expands their line of Eurorack-format Moog clones with a module inspired by the greatest filter of all time: the Moog 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter. Not to be confused with the Minimoog's lowpass filter, the 904A is the original source of a sound that has come (to many) to define the word "synthesizer": a huge-sounding 24dB lowpass with buttery resonance and a warmth unmatched by anything that has followed.

On the front panel, the 904A is simple: three selectable frequency ranges (with range 2 being the typical "audio" range), Regeneration control (resonance), Fixed Control Voltage (filter cutoff frequency), and three CV inputs. With a sound like this, though, no more bells or whistles are required—plug in a mix of waves (perhaps combined with a CP3), slowly open the filter, and listen to years of rich history gradually peek through. And Aion's 904A isn't a cheap imitation—it is as close to the original as a Eurorack module has ever come.

Note: combining the 904A with a 904B High Pass Filter and 904C Filter Coupler gives you the same triple-threat filter arrangement found in many original Moog systems—capable of variable-width band reject, bandpass, and countless remarkable filtering effects.

904A Features

  • Faithful Eurorack-format clone of the the greatest filter of all time: the Moog Modular 904A Low Pass Filter
  • Classic 24dB response
  • 1V/Oct operation with three CV inputs
  • Continuously variable Regeneration (resonance)
  • Fixed Control Voltage knob offers 12-octave sweep
  • Three selectable frequency ranges: 1Hz–5kHz, 4Hz–20kHz, 16–80kHz
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V, 25mA @ -12V
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