WMD / SSFModbox Modulation Source


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WMD / SSF Modbox

The Steady State Fate and WMD Modbox is a compact modulation source boasting a triple-phase LFO, CV Skewable LFO, Sample and Hold, and white noise generator.�

The module’s first LFO features three independent outputs, one for each phase. Its shape can be changed from sine to triangle to saw simply by pushing a button. The second LFO is “skewable” and can be from ramp to triangle to saw. The shape of the Skew can be manipulated manually or via CV.�

Though Modbox’s S&H circuit is normalled to the Skewable LFO, it can also be clocked with external signals. Both LFOs can be synchronized with the internal clock and feature a dedicated button for stepping through different time intervals.

Modbox Features

  • Two independent, clock syncable LFOs
  • Sample and hold circuit
  • White noise generator
  • Three phase LFO with 3 shapes and independent outputs for 0, 120, and 240 degrees out of phase.
  • Skewable LFO with three wave shapes controllable with knob or CV
  • Fast and easy syncing with external clocks
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