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WMD Metron Trigger/Gate Rhythm Sequencer

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WMD Metron

WMD's Metron is a highly precise 16 channel trigger/gate eurorack sequencer with rhythm design and temporal manipulation of musical events as its core purpose. The sequencer is immensly configurable and highly effective at generating complex rhythmic content up to 256 steps long. Metron features an extremely fast clocking system with virtually no latency. Randomness and probability are also in place to provide the platform for generating new ideas, creating evolving variations and happy accidents. The button matrix is very easy to read and serves as an excellent tool for human-machine interaction. Unique to the module is the FX section, abundant with fills, rolls, and logic options. Also, plenty of future expansion options are expected to bolster what is already more than comprehensive functionality. With all of these features in place, It is evident that Metron from WMD is on its way to become the ultimate trigger sequencer in Eurorack.

Metron Features

  • 16 Channels of trigger and gate signals
  • Up to 256 step pattern length
  • Varied pattern lengths per channel
  • Five instantly recallable, editable variations
  • SD card integration for fast project management
  • Integrated rhythmic FX system
  • 2 assignable inputs for external CV control
  • Internal clock with Swing
  • Randomness and probability
  • Trigger Mutes
  • Step looping
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 36hp
  • Depth: 31mm
  • Current draw: 240mA @ +12V, 0mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
WMD Metron In Store Demo & Q+A
WMD came to our Burbank CA showroom on Wednesday 2/27/2019 from 7-9PM demonstrating their new eurorack trigger/gate sequencer module, the Metron.
WMD Metron Eurorack Trigger & Gate Sequencer
WMD's Metron is a powerful trigger and gate sequencer for your eurorack modular system. I has 16 channels, you can edit 4 channels steps at a time, and the sequences can be up to 256 steps, with independent track length and swing per channel.

There is also a powerful performance mode where mutes, rolls and re-triggers can be controlled all on one page, this is the main page being used in this video.

The drum modules being triggered in this video are the Erica Synths Sample Drum, Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum, WMD Fracture and Soundmachines SD1 Simple Drum.
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