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WMDFracture Granular Percussion Voice


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WMD Fracture

WMD's Fracture utilizes a proprietary granular synthesis engine, employing microsound techniques to create a "crowd percussion" synth voice ideal for claps, applause, and other particulate percussion sounds. Built around the same granular engine as their ingenious Chimera metallic percussion synth, the Fracture uses single-impulse samples to create everything from snappy transients to clouds of noise. Inspired by classic drum machine claps and audience applause samples, the Fracture creates waves of sound from microsonic fragments, all under voltage control.

Fracture Features

  • Granular percussion synth inspired by claps, audience applause samples, and more
  • Uses proprietary granular engine for everything from snaps to claps and insane beds of noise
  • Density, decay, and tail controls affect tone and "tightness" of clappers
  • Integrated room and hall reverbs
  • Two trigger inputs for different sound varieties
  • 3 different, independently selectable envelope and filter types
  • Can operate as free-running sound source or triggerable percussion voice
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Power consumption: 63mA @ +12V ; 17mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Eloquencer Sequencing WMD Fracture And Other Modules
We used the Winter Modular Eloquencer to sequence the WMD Fracture granular percussion module as well as a Plonk and Basimilus Iteritas Alter. We also used some EMW drum modules including the Analog Drum Synth, Snare Lab 101 and T-Drum.

Eloquencer available here:

Fracture available here:
WMD Eurorack Drum Machine With The New Crater Kick Drum + Tiptop Audio Effects Modules
This jam pairs WMD's Metron, their full arsenal of drum modules, Mutable's Plaits, and Tiptop's new ZVERB and ECHOZ effect modules to create a heavy-hitting drum machine in just 104hp of space. With the recent introduction of WMD's Crater, we needed to see just how huge a WMD drum machine could sound.

WMD's four drum modules work in tandem to produce an entire kit's worth of unique, articulate, and highly detailed percussion sounds. Chimera produces metallic sounds using a purpose-built granular engine pre-loaded with samples of everyday objects; Fracture uses a similar engine for scattered, particulate tones. Crucible is a physically-modeled cymbal module, capable of producing sound ranging from realistic ride cymbals to impossibly large metal sheets. Crater, the newest member of the WMD drum family, utilizes a combination of analog and digital components to produce huge, powerful kicks with the impact of a 909 but the body of an 808.

Tiptop's ZVERB and ECHOZ provide tailored versions of effects from their years of development on the Z-DSP multi effect module, while the Metron keeps everything moving while the MSCL glues the mix together.
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