TINRSArdabil + Switch CV Processor + Routing Utility


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TINRS Ardabil + Switch

Ardabil and Switch is a bundle of two Eurorack modular synth CV processors from TIRNS, offering a wide range of utility in multitudes—from precision adding to signal routing and more. Ardabil offers two channels that follow the same thread of CV processes that're perfect for sculpting and manipulating CV to your liking. Each thread starts with a precision adder to combine two CV signals (great for use transposing sequences and combining 1V/Oct pitch CV), followed by an attenuverter and CV offset, both of which are perfect for balancing your CV signals to any level needed. From there we are met with a buffered multiple that provides three replicated signals and one inverted signal; both multiples provide LED lights to determine if a positive signal is being passed. Finally, we are met with a VCA at the bottom, great for modulating additional CV or shaping the amplitude of your audio signals.

Switch is a completely passive switch module that offers four sets of three inputs traveling out of a single out based on which position the switch is set. Paired in twos, the top and bottom showcase six color-coded inputs that go to their respective output. On top of that, the switches are the same satisfying Alpha lever switches from their Fenix IV synthesizer, so performing with this module is no issue. Together, Ardabil and Switch are the perfect pair of CV processors for ultimate control over all your CV.

Ardabil + Switch Features

  • Threaded utility Eurorack module
  • Two signal routes of six functional utilities
  • Precision adder
  • Attenuverter
  • Offset
  • Multiple with two replicated outputs and an inverted output
  • VCA
  • Two independent dual gang switches
  • Two 2-position switches
  • Four 3-in/1-out paths
  • Completely passive
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 2mA @ -12V
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TINRS Ardabil + Switch CV Processor + Routing Utility Reviews