Tenderfoot Electronicsucls Expander for Lattice


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Tenderfoot Electronics ucls

ucls, otherwise known as microCells, is a pared-down version of the Tenderfoot Electronics Cells, an expander for their Lattice sequencer. It adds new functionality to Lattice: a gate output, forward/reverse input and button, random input, and CV addressing with attenuator.

The gate output goes high whenever Lattice progresses to a new step, and is useful for triggering envelopes in time with a sequence. The forward/reverse input and button changes the direction the sequence travels in. The random input causes the sequencer to randomly jump to a new location. The CV input allows you to select what step is active using an external CV signal, with higher voltage level selecting steps closer to step 12 and lower voltages towards step 1. A built-in attenuator allows for fine tuning of the CV input signal.

ucls is a great way to expand the sequencing capabilities of Lattice and makes this great little sequencer even more playable.

ucls Features

  • Expander for Lattice sequencer
  • Random trigger input
  • Forward/reverse button and gate input
  • CV addressing of sequencer location
  • Attenuator for CV input
  • Gate output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 26mA @ +12V
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