Tenderfoot ElectronicsSource and Confluence VCO + Wavemixer Expander


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Tenderfoot Electronics Source and Confluence

From Tenderfoot Electronics comes Source & Confluence, an analog VCO/LFO with a wave-mixer expander module that bring flexible multiple wave/mix outputs and tons of CV inputs for maximum modulation. Source has full control over coarse and fine tuning, four wave shapes with individual outs, and a sub channel out with three options of octave shifting. Take control of your pulse wave with full pulse-width range, and with an additional PWM CV input with attenuation, you can make thick, creamy basses and leads. Additional inputs including a switchable soft/hard sync and both linear and exponential FM offer maximum sonic possibilities.

The expander module, Confluence, offers individual level control, A/B routing per wave shape and an additional white noise generator out the B output. Confluence offers outputs for channels A, B, and third mixed output that's CV controllable—using only one side of the mix out can turn Confluence into a linear VCA. With loads of modulatable parameters to make interesting timbres or complex modulation sources, Source & Confluence are sure to add interest and flair to any modular system.

Source and Confluence Features

  • VCO and wave-mixer expander
  • Triangle, saw, square, sine and sub output
  • 12 octave dial and fine tune
  • VCO/LFO switch
  • Pulsewidth control with PWM input
  • Three-switch sub-octave selector
  • Sync input with soft/hard switch
  • Linear and exponential FM inputs
  • A/B output switches for each wave
  • Additional white noise on the B output
  • Level control for each wave shape and sub
  • A/B dry/wet control and CV input
  • A, B and mix output
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw:
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