Steady State FateEntity Percussion Synthesizer (Black)


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Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black)

The Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer is one of the best drum modules in Eurorack format: a shape-changing, flexible voice for everything from space toms to snappy snares and explosive analog hits. And though it's labeled as a percussion synth, it is capable of much moreā€”thick analog basslines and leads are easily within reach.

Comprised of a resonant bandpass filters, two decay-only envelopes, a flexible noise generators, VCA, and a diode-based waveshaper, Entity Percussion Synth has all the makings for huge analog sounds. And best of all, every parameter is voltage-controllable...meaning that with clever modulation, intricate patterns and evolving textures are easy to achieve. And of course, the Entity Percussion Synth's parameterization is particularly interesting: rather than labeling functions based on their core synthesis behaviors, SSF provides controls related to behavior of percussive sounds. "Body" is a simulated control for drumhead tightness, while controls like Ring and Harmonics allow additional tonal control.

The two internal envelopes are used to control the FM/VCA decay of the resonator and the VCA for the noise generator with relative independence, allowing addition of delay between these envelopes for clap and flam-style sounds. Internal FM allows for everything from classic analog toms to more extreme effects, while the Duck jack provides an inverted version of the resonator's decay envelope, allowing easy access to sidechain-style reactive effects.

Entity Percussion Synthesizer (Black)

  • Full synth voice designed with percussive duties in mind
  • Great for toms, snares, claps, basslines, leads, and more
  • All parameters are voltage controllable
  • Can be used as sound source or to process external audio
  • Resonant bandpass filter can be frequency modulated via internal envelope, external sources, or both
  • Internal noise generator based on SSF Quantum Rainbow
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 16mm
  • Current draw: 72mA @ +12v, 125mA @ -12v
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