SquarpHermod Sequencer + MIDI to CV (Black)


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Squarp Hermod

The Squarp Hermod is a forward thinking sequencing solution that re-contextualizes some of the best ideas to come out of Squarp's sequencing experimentation and introduces them into the Eurorack format. The Hermod has eight tracks that can be used as singular voices or combined to give each voice aftertouch and velocity. The first track can also be used for polyphony.

In addition the Hermod features a host of onboard MIDI effects, such as ratchet, chance and many others that can all be used in real time, to add life and color to your sequence. With Hermod, Squarp's focus and intention has never been more clear, as the module acts as the perfect tool to introduce complex song structure and form to your musical explorations!

Hermod Features

  • Sequencer and MIDI to CV interface for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Adapts concepts from the Pyramid and optimizes them for Eurorack performance
  • Can directly sequence MIDI devices as well
  • Can record sequence data from CV inputs, USB Host port, USB Device port, or MIDI input
  • Step edit mode with traditional piano roll/automation view
  • Pattern randomization
  • Each track can feature different lengths (up to 64 steps each)
  • Dynamic control effects include Quantization, Swing, Arpeggiator, Ratchet, Chance, and more—all applicable in realtime and stackable
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 310mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Squarp Hermod Sequencing Manther Growl & Drums
Squarp's Hermod is a powerful option for sequencing your eurorack as well as sending midi out to other gear or even turning external midi into CV. The sequencer has 8 tracks with independent track length and built in midi effects for adding ratcheting and probability as well as other effects.

The synth line is made with a Malekko Manther Growl run through Qu-Bit's Prism. The Manter Growl is the synth voice from the Manther as a eurorack module with added CV controls and outputs for each waveform. The Prism is a stereo processor that combines comb filter, decimating and filtering effects into one with a freeze option built into the delay of the comb filter.

The kick drum is from Befaco's Kickall, snare is Intellijel's Plonk and hats are from WMD's Fracture. Everything is mixed together with Warm Star's Fragment.
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