SonocurrentM T2D Dual Triode Distortion


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Sonocurrent M T2D

M T2D is a dual triode distortion: a Nutube-based module by Sonocurrent, with PCB layout and circuit design by Eric Schlappi. Both channels on the module are identical and can be used completely independently for mono and stereo processing, or in series when higher distortion amounts are desired.

Spectral tilt filters are implemented on the inputs to cut or boost low or high frequencies prior to signal entering the triode gain stage. Independent controls for input gain, bias, feedback level, and dry/wet mix amount ensure the ultimate flexibility while sculpting the sound. Additionally, the voltage switch conveniently positioned at the center of the unit alternates between two distinct sound character options: higher headroom, and harsh clipping.

M T2D Features

  • Two channels of triode tube-based distortion
  • Selectable parallel or series routing option
  • Manual pre-triode level control per channel
  • Manual and voltage control of tube bias per channel
  • Manual and voltage control of final dry/wet signal blend per channel
  • Plate voltage switch globally alternates between severe clipping, and higher headroom options
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 111mA @ +12V, 65mA @ -12V
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