SonocurrentM C3A Crossfade Array

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Sonocurrent M C3A

Crossfade four audio and CV signals easily with the M C3A from Sonocurrent. With an intuitive interface, Channel A crossfades from inputs 1 and 2, Channel B crossfades inputs 3 and 4, and the central Channel C is internally routed to accept the outputs of A and B. All three channels have their own separate output, opening up creative possibilities for complex audio and CV routing. Each crossfade control has a CV input with attenuator as well as a CV pass-through for sending the signal to other modules. With nothing patched into the CV input, the output will send a voltage corresponding to the manual crossfade setting. All inputs and outputs are DC-coupled so it works perfectly for CV and audio signals. With a response curve fine-tuned to maintain even levels, the M C3A from Sonocurrent is a powerful, musical tool for any Eurorack case.

M C3A Features

  • 4-input crossfader
  • DC-coupled inputs and outputs
  • 3 Crossfade channels
  • CV inputs for all channels' crossfades
  • CV pass-through outputs
  • Offsets on CV outputs when nothing patched
  • Tuned response curve for minimal signal loss when crossfading
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 75mA @ -12V
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