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Softwire Synthesis Press

Heavily influenced by the expressive touch control found on the Ondes Martenot, the Press from Softwire Synthesis provides gestural control for both the generation and processing of voltages. Like the instrument from which it draws inspiration, the substantial yet sensitive spring-loaded wooden block generates higher voltages the further it is pressed in. Traditionally, this controlled amplitude on the Ondes Martenot, but in today's Eurorack environment, they're free to be patched anywhere in your modular system.

The Press additionally provides the capability to process external signals, allowing one to use it as a sort of touch controlled VCA, or alternatively, to crossfade between different sources patched into channels A and B. There's also a gate output, which goes high when the internal voltage of channel A surpasses 1.2 volts, adding further patching capability in response to your touch. Capable of everything from pressure-sensitive offset voltages to dynamic touch-controlled dry/wet effects mixes and more, gain a more direct connection to your modular system with the Press from Softwire Synthesis.

Press Features

  • Touch-based Eurorack module inspired by the Ondes Martenot and similar instruments
  • Spring-loaded wooden touchblock responds to pressure
  • 2 output channels generate offset voltage or pass external signals based on pressure level
  • Thru input is summed with the outputs of Channels A and B
  • Gate output generates a gate signal when Channel A's internal voltage is above 1.2 volts
  • Internal offset voltage selectable between 5 and 10 volts
  • Fade mode passes more of Channels A and B with high pressure, Crossfade mode inverts Channel B and reduces its level with increasing pressure
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw:
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