Rebel TechnologyOWL Open Source DSP

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Rebel Technology OWL

The OWL, from Rebel Technology, is a Eurorack incarnation of their renowned OWL pedal, incorporating the same programmable DSP foundation and stereo audio with 96kHz/24-bit resolution. However, unlike its predecessor, the OWL module features CV integration.

Whether its synthesis, effects processing, or sequencing, the OWL does it all. Its included patch library includes over 70 effects! Even better, because the OWL is fully programmable, users can rest assured that it will always deliver the highest audio quality.

OWL Features

    • Polyglot DSP (C++, FAUST and Pure Data patches can run on the same device)   
    • Dynamic patch loading (no need to flash firmware) 
    • The same patch code runs on the device, VST plugin, or web browser
    • Cross-platform DSP library, easy to use yet highly optimised
    • Write code for a hardware DSP architecture in plain C/C++         
    • Open source platform and tool chain
    • Easy to change and upload patches over USB
    • Load patches from your computer via USB
    • Collection of sample patches available and growing
    • DC-coupled stereo in/out
    • 3500 operations per sample at 24bits/48kHz
    • 4 assignable pots
    • 5 CV inputs
    • Assignable pushbutton
    • Gate in/out

    To expand your patch library, visit http://hoxtonowl.com/patch-library/ for more open source downloads.

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