PolyendPerc Percussion Interface (Wood Beater)


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Polyend Perc (Wooden Beater)

Perc is another in the catalog of fascinating designs by Polyend—an interface by which physical percussion instruments can be controlled via MIDI or CV. Turn any object into a triggerable percussion instrument simply by mounting the Perc beater near the object's surface.

The Perc beater offers a remarkably wide velocity response—capable of everything from light touches to forceful strikes. Use it to delicately tap cymbals or to pound into a kick drum; or use the included clamp to affix it to anything that resonates.

The beater connects to a small controller box, which offers both MIDI and CV inputs for control. Use Perc with a finger drumming setup, or a modular synthesizer, or a DAW-based rig—the possibilities are endless. One could use multiple Percs to animate an entire drum kit, or to bring a room to life with clangorous acoustic noise. The possibilities are endless.

Perc Features

  • Device to add MIDI or CV control to any struck percussion instrument
  • Mount within 5mm of surface you desire to strike, and fire away
  • Velocity-sensitive for remarkably dynamic performance
  • Trigger much more quickly and precisely than possible by hand
  • Turn anything into an automated percussion instrument
  • This version utilizes a wooden beater
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  • MIDI: 5-pin DIN IN, USB
  • Beater cable length: 3m (DMX-style XLR)
  • Maximum distance beater to instrument: 5mm
Product Demo Videos
Polyend Perc Midi/CV Controlled Percussion Striker
The Polyend Perc takes either a midi or CV input and then strikes the drum or whatever you place it above. We had fun seeing how fast of a snare roll we could get the Perc to do. For this video we sequenced the Perc with Polyend's Seq and added in a kick drum with Korg's Volca Kick. We hit a snare drum, cymbal and even one of the pads on a Nord Drum 3P (we know we could of used midi, but this was way more fun!)
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