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Plankton Electronics Ants! Modular Synth

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Plankton Electronics Ants!

Ants! from Plankton Electronics, is a standalone desktop analog modular synth. It contains four analog VCOs, two of which can double as LFOs, as well as two dedicated LFOs, providing six oscillators in all. Complete with a resonant VCF, two Envelope generators, two VCAs, Sample & Hold modulation, a noise generator, and a few mixing capabilities, one can fit an entire modular synth in a backpack. A MIDI to CV converter is built in, meaning one can play Ants! easily with a MIDI controller or via MIDI tracks in a DAW. 

Ants! Features

  • Complete modular synthesizer
  • 100% analog circuit design
  • 51 modular patch points
  • System traditionally internally patched
  • 1v/oct trackable VCOs
  • MIDI to CV built in
  • Compatible with any Eurorack modular synths
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  • Power: 12V AC, 1A. Included. 
  • Rolled Steel Case
  • Plastic side covers
  • FR-4 Panel
Product Demo Videos
Plankton Electronics Ants! Mini Modular Synthesizer
Here are four patches with the powerful and compact Ants! modular synthesizer from Plankton Electronics.
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