Pittsburgh ModularAnalog Delay Unit


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Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit is an analog bucket-brigade delay that provides warmth and space to your sounds. Based on the delay present in the Voltage Lab, it utilizes a pair of 4,096 stage BBD chips and has clean delay times that range from 16ms to 340ms. With the time CV input, the maximum delay time can be increased to 465ms, but will result in a loss of fidelity and cleanliness. The CV input features an attenuverter to help fine tune the amount of modulation. With the feedback slider at zero, only one repeat will be present. As you increase the slider, the number of repeats increases until the unit begins to self-oscillate.

There is filtering on both the input and output, as well as compression and expansion help provide super clean delay, while retaining the character of a tape delay. As the repeats lose the high end via the filtering, the Analog Delay Unit provides a very natural sounding echo. This is a straight-forward, no-frills delay that provides rich character and depth in a compact package.

Analog Delay Unit Features

  • Analog delay
  • 16ms to 340ms clean delay time range
  • Two 4,096-stage BBD chips
  • Delay time, input level, feedback, and mix controls
  • Self-oscillates at high feedback settings
  • CV over time with attenuverter
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Current draw: 44mA @ +12v, 19mA @ -12v
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