PigtronixRingmaster Harmonizing Ring Modulator


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Pigtronix Ringmaster

The Pigtronix Ringmaster is an analog ring modulator that utilizes proprietary pitch-tracking technology to to hone in on special integer ratios between carrier and modulator frequency, producing harmonization effects via traditional ring modulation. Ever wonder what a ring mod would sound like if it could constantly track pitch and remain "musical?" Ringmaster is the answer: analog harmonization from out of this world.

Of course, the pitch following function can be deactivated for traditional clangorous, inharmonic ring mod tones. Ringmaster also allows for extreme division of the modulation oscillator frequency for the creation of analog tremolo effects, especially interesting when pitch tracking is activated. And of course, built-in LFO and Sample & Hold allow for creation of classic ring mod sweep sounds.

A world-class ring modulator unlike any before it, the Ringmaster is a harmonizer, tremolo, synth effect, and outer space laser generator all in one small package.

Ringmaster Features

  • Analog harmonizer built around pitch tracking ring modulation
  • Pitch tracking can be defeated for traditional clangorous ring mod effects
  • Built-in wide range LFO and Sample & Hold allow for modulation of the mod oscillator frequency
  • Trem function divides modulation oscillator into sub-audio frequencies for tremolo effects
  • CV output for summed CV from tracking and modulation sources, allowing control of other external synth gear
  • Carrier jack acts as modulator input, allowing multiplication of two external audio signals
  • Using a TRS splitter in the Carrier jack, the internal sine wave modulator waveform is available as a direct output! Use in combination with pitch tracking for the basis of a synth processing signal path...
  • True bypass
  • 18VDC (300mA supply included)
  • CV output range: 0–5V
  • CV output scaling: Hz/V
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