Patching PandaEtna Triple Analog Morphing Filter (Black)


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Patching Panda Etna

Patching Panda's Etna is a three-channel programmable filter that has up to eight steps and adds a dynamic quality to any patch in your Eurorack system. Each channel has its own filter parameters for Frequency, Type (high, band or low pass) with a universal Q for all three. Use the sliders to save snapshots into the eight steps and use an external clock to move through each available step, which can be adjusted to be 1–8. Below the sliders are analog controls that apply adjustments to each filter channel in addition to the sliders set for the snapshot. Use the Glide slider to make each transition gentle or more aggressive. Easily playable by manually adjusting each step position without a clock, the Etna from Patching Panda is perfect to bring an extra layer of expressivity to your rack.

Etna Features

  • 3-channel programmable filter
  • Independent Ins and Outs with a separate Mix output
  • Digital and analog controls
  • 1–8 Steps morph through saved settings set by sliders
  • Choose highpass, bandpass, or lowpass for each channel
  • Overall Q setting
  • CV Control over sequence position and length
  • Glide control allows for snappy or subtle morph between steps
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 165mA @ +12V, 88mA @ -12V
Patching Panda Etna Triple Analog Morphing Filter (Black) Reviews