Noise LabFourcaster Interpolating Scanner


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Noise Lab Fourcaster

The Noise Lab Fourcaster is a 4:1 voltage-controlled crossfader that includes a number of cleverly-designed macro controls to facilitate a variety of morphing, evolving effects. Up to four channels can be crossfaded between using the Channel Scan knob, a function which can also be voltage controlled via the Scan Mod CV input. The All Channel Mod control affects all channels' levels simultaneously, while the Lag control applies a slew to the scanning function, smoothing the effect. The Width control simply controls how wide the scanning window is, allowing for more or less isolation between the channels while scanning through them.

The Fourcaster features a fully DC-coupled signal path, which means it can mix CV as well as audio, making this module a veritable powerhouse for morphing, superimposing, and crossfading in just about any context you can imagine.

Fourcaster Features

  • Four-channel voltage controlled interpolating scanner/crossfader
  • Lag, Width and All Channel Mod controls allow you to fine-tune the scanning effect
  • Can process both CV and audio signals
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 26 mm
  • Current draw: 39 mA @ +12V, 36mA @ -12V
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