Noise LabBeautifier Dual Mode Filter


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Noise Lab Beautifier

True to its name, the Beautifier from Noise Lab can sweeten any input signal, but it also has the tonal range to produce harsher timbres with equal ease, as well as anything in between. With its switchable bandpass and lowpass response, and switchable 12dB- and 24dB-per-octave slopes, there's enough onboard customization to find the perfect spectral response for your intended application.

As with other OTA-based filters, the gain and resonance controls are key to determining the character of the resulting sound, and experimenting with these parameters in varying quantities yields a variety of tonal effects. This filter will self-oscillate at sufficient resonance, turning the Beautifier into a formidable tone generator all on its own.

Beautifier Features

  • OTA-based dual mode filter
  • Lowpass or bandpass response
  • 12dB- or 24dB-per-octave slope
  • CV inputs for cutoff and resonance
  • Gain switch drives the filter into pleasant or crushing distortion
  • Filter can self-oscillate with high resonance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 26 mm
  • Current draw: 47mA @ +12V, 19mA @ -12V
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