Noise Engineering Sinc Iter VCO

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Noise Engineering Sinc Iter

The Noise Engineering Sinc Iter is a compact VCO with a 23-octave range and three waveform modes that allow for different types of morphing between waves. The module contains both uni-polar and bi-polar outputs for use with both analog and digital inputs, phase and sync modulation capabilities, and an onboard quantizer. 

Sinc Iter Features

  • 23 octave VCO
  • Built in quantizer (can be disabled)
  • Three modes: noise, plain, super
  • Rotary encoder with push button for coarse and fine tuning
  • Wave morphing and folding with CV control
  • Sync input
  • 1v/octave input with 8 octave range
  • Phase modulation input
  • Unipolar and Bipolar outputs
  • Eurorack Module
  • 4HP Width
  • 1.5" Depth
  • +12v: 150mA Current Draw (80mA when +5v is used)
  • -12v: 10mA Current Draw
  • +5v: 90mA Current Draw (Optional)
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