Noise Engineering Integra Solum Dual Rotating Clock Divider

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Noise Engineering Integra Solum

Noise Engineering presents Integra Solum, a dual rotating clock divider featuring a mind-boggling 16 trigger outputs arranged in two sets of 8. Each of the module's sections can be clocked and reset individually or in tandem. From there, users can adjust the offset for each side and switch between three modes.

Integra Solum Features

  • Dual rotating clock divider arranged in two sections of eight
  • Three modes: Divide by Powers of Two, Sequence of Eight, and Divide by Odd Numbers
  • Bonus "Whack" mode for randomization

Noise Engineering is a founding business partner of Savepangolins.org. A portion of the proceeds of every Manis Iteritas sold will be contributed to pangolin conservation!

  • Eurorack module
  • 8HP Width
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current Draw: 90mA @ +12V; 35mA @ -12V
  • Product Demo Videos
    Noise Engineering Talks About The Manis Iteritas, Integra Solum And Pangolins
    Noise Engineering stopped by our Burbank California showroom to do some short performances and talk about their new modules, the Manis Iteritas industrial inspired synth voice and Integra Solum dual clock divider.

    Noise Engineering: https://www.noiseengineering.us/

    Save Pangolins: http://www.savepangolins.org/

    Manis Iteritas available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/noise-engineering-manis-iteritas.html

    Integra Solum available here: https://www.perfectcircuitaudio.com/noise-engineering-integra-solum.html
    Noise Engineering Manis Iteritas & Integra Solum Event
    This is video from our in store event on December 13th 2017 where Noise Engineering presented their new Manis Iteritas and Integra Solum modules.

    Noise Engineering https://www.noiseengineering.us/
    is Stephen McCaul & Kris Kaiser

    Live performance by Baseck https://baseck.bandcamp.com/
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