Noise EngineeringDesmodus Versio Stereo Reverb


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Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio

The Desmodus Versio is a reverb from Noise Engineering that provides a broad palette of sound possibilities, capable of rich textures ranging from shimmering reverbs to distorted echoes. This reverb has seven controls, all with CV inputs, plus two mode switches with three modes each, and an FSU button for...well...messing stuff up.

DV allows you to filter, distort, and add space to sound in a stereo field. This is the first foray from Noise Engineering into a time based effect, and it retains the character of many of the other Noise Engineering modules, with a combination of noise and musicality. The FSU ducks the input and makes the feedback 100%, allowing DV to act as its own voice. With nothing plugged in, a noise burst is triggered to add audio content to the feedback buffer.

Desmodus Versio is based on Electrosmith's Daisy DSP platform, and offers a way for users to easily alter the behavior of their modules with an easy USB firmware update. Additional firmware updates will be coming in the near future, meaning that Desmodus Versio's features will increase and change as time goes on. So whether you want to add a simple wash of ambience over your melodies or distort and delay your signal beyond recognition, the Desmodus Versio is capable of a wide range of effects that will suit your needs.

A portion of the proceeds of every DV sold go to Bat Conservation International, dedicated to protecting bats around the world.

Desmodus Versio Features

  • Stereo DSP reverb
  • Blend, regen, size, dense, speed, tone, and index controls, all with CV inputs
  • FSU button and external input to really mess things up
  • Two mode switches with three modes apiece
  • Easily update firmware using USB—you don't even have to power the module on
  • A portion of the sales goes to Bat Conservation International
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 70mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
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