New Systems InstrumentsHarmonic Shift Oscillator


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New Systems Instruments Harmonic Shift Oscillator

The Harmonic Shift Oscillator (HSO) from New Systems Instruments is an analog oscillator that produces a wide range of harmonic and inharmonic spectra. The sound of the oscillator is reminiscent of FM synthesis but implemented in a different way that makes the results more directly related to the parameters. Control the harmonic content with the harmonic level and harmonic stride controls. The harmonic level controls the 'brightness' of the output. Harmonic stride determines the spacing between the harmonics. With spacing at an integer value, i.e. a whole number, you get harmonically rich results that sound much like traditional waveforms. With non-integer values, the results are complex inharmonic waveforms. The HSO outputs two linked signals, offset 90 degrees out of phase, each of which distorts slightly differently from the other. While the HSO works great with external modulation, New Systems Instruments crafted it to work with self-patched feedback modulation for surprising and captivating results. This implementation of harmonic synthesis provides users unique results that belong in a category all their own.

Harmonic Shift Oscillator Features

  • Harmonic shift oscillator
  • Control for harmonic level
  • Space apart the harmonics
  • Integer spacing provides harmonically rich waveforms
  • Non-integer spacing provides complex inharmonic waveforms
  • Coarse and fine frequency control
  • Two outputs spaced 90 degrees from each other
  • V/oct and FM inputs
  • CV inputs with attenuators
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 75mA @ -12V
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