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Mutable Instruments Marbles

Much like the interplay of its metamorphic namesake, Marbles specializes in random responses to an initial impact. Comprised of two distinct sections—labeled t and X—the module mobilizes its own destabilized clock, external clock signals, and even external gates and voltages to respond with different flavors of randomness. Though thoroughly concerned with chance, the UI leaves plenty of options for imposing some semblance of structure. Sync it with external clocks, manipulate the orientation of generated elements, or introduce external CV and gate sequences! No matter what source causes the intitial impact, Marbles will respond with elegant randomness.

Save on HP space! Marbles executes several functions that, under other circumstances, would require several different modules to actualize. Stick it next to a sequencer and let the spice flow!

t Generator:

The t generator houses Marbles' internal clock and facilitates the processing of external clocks. The internal clock is warped by design, simulating the likes of a musician attempting to play to a click while accounting for their missteps. It is capable of leathered precision and/or marble madness. Its 2-channel random rhythm is generated in one of three ways: Branches-style random coin toss, randomized ratcheting, or Grids-style random drum generation.

X Generator:

This section is responsible for the generation of three separate random voltages, which are emitted from x1, x2, and x3. Each voltage is clocked by the three outputs of section t. This section can also sample external cv.

Deja Vu CV Input

This section memorizes the order of each preceding clock aberration, voltage, or rhythm. Simply introduce one of these signals then turn the dedicated knob to determine the probability of whether reused or fresh data is emitted.

Marbles Features

  • Analog random source
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 3.2kHz
  • Maximum input clock rate: 1kHz for the t Section, 8kHz for the X section
  • 32kHz refresh rate
  • 14-bit DAC with accurate software calibration - error below 1mV
  • 12-bit CV capture
  • Output levels: -5V to +5V for CVs (largest setting), 0V to +8V for gates
  • Input CV range: -5V to +5V
  • Front panel with Computer Modern labels, just like on your calculus textbook
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Product Demo Videos
Mutable Instruments Marbles Sequencing Drums & Synths
The Mutable Instruments Marbles combines a random trigger sequence generating section called t which has a few different ways to generate triggers with the x section which creates random control voltages. In this video we are creating all of the triggers and note sequences with the Marbles.
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