Make Noise Mysteron Digital Synthesis Voice

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Make Noise Mysteron

The Mysteron from Make Noise is a fully digital synthesizer voice. Its name suggests an obscure quality, leading to unknown territory. Even those who created it claim they don't fully understand its nature. There are two Digital Wave guides, each with their own 1v/Oct inputs. The sound is started by an Exciter, fed into the Excite input, like a Trigger or Gate. The Mutation control decides the timbral quality of the output. The Impulse control decides how long the waveguide "rings", which can also be used as a final VCA control. Because of the feedback routing within itself, Mysteron rarely falls into sounds it has made before, and every state is affected by the previous state, pushing boundaries just by tweaking knobs. 

Mysteron Features

  • Complete Digital Synthesis Voice Module
  • Patch programmed, without menus or presets
  • Unique algorithm never before utilized in any synthesizer or module
  • Voltage control over all parameters
  • Attenuators for all CV inputs
  • Quantize Mode ensures good musical tracking
  • Pairs well with the Optomix and Erbe Verb
  • Eurorack Module
  • 14 HP With
  • 24mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 95mA @ +12V, 25mA @ -12V
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