Livestock ElectronicsMIR Quad VCA Mixer

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Livestock Electronics MIR

MIR, from Livestock Electronics, is a multifunction utility that can be used for mixing, inverting, logic, distortion, and voltage controlled amplification. Each channel includes two signal inputs, which can be used to mix, along with a VCA that is switchable between linear and exponential modes. The amount of distortion can be dialed in via a potentiometer, and a CV input. There are two outputs for each channel, one providing an inverted output. The inputs and outputs are DC coupled so it works great for both audio signals and CV signals. 

MIR Features

  • Four channel Mixer
  • Inversion options available
  • Quad VCA
  • Logic Gate
  • Clipping distortion
  • Linear to Exponential VCA shaping
Livestock Electronics MIR Quad VCA Mixer Reviews