Livestock ElectronicsMaze Routing Matrix

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Livestock Electronics Maze

The Livestock Electronics Maze is a routing matrix ideal for creating novel, recallable signal routing presets. With four inputs and four outputs, each point in the matrix has its own VCA and inverter, allowing for customizable signal scaling unlike similar modules that act simply as switch matrices. Presets can be switched immediately or with definable interpolation (morphing) time, and presets may be switched manually or via external CV or triggers.

Maze Features

  • 4-in, 4-out routing and mixing matrix
  • Each node features VCA and inverter
  • Sixteen push buttons for editing and routing recall
  • Save and recall six banks of sixteen routing presets
  • Routing presets selectable via push button, external CV, or external trigger
  • Preset morphing with selectable speed
  • Routings can be manually muted
  • Multiple Mazes can be daisy chained for more complex routing possibilities!
  • Eurorack module
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current draw: 200mA @ +12V ; 70mA @ -12V 
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