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IO InstrumentsHimalia Penta Sound Source

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IO Instruments Himalia

Providing an abundance of noise flavors with a few extra tricks up its sleeve, the IO Instruments Himalia is a five-voice source of analog and digital noise, as well as containing a square wave oscillator and sample player.

Analog noise is available with filtering to select between red, white, and blue noise types, while the digital noise section offers a digital noise output reminiscent of retro game sounds. There's also a dedicated output for the clock of this section, allowing the Himalia to be a clock source for other members of your patch. Additionally, a bank of six square wave oscillators is present, featuring spread, filter, and tuning adjustment. These can be used to make TR-808-style cymbal sounds, but the additional parameters make a wider range of sounds available.

Himalia can also function simultaneously as a sample player. In the center section, there are 16 transient and 16 drone samples available with ratcheting, tune, and bit-rate controls. This section may also be optionally used as an 8-bit melody generator, accessed by simply pressing a button on the front panel. 

Himalia offers a vast range of noise types and can fit into almost any patch you can think of, providing a wide range of functions and versatile modulation options.

Himalia Features

  • 5 sources of various noise, modulation, and sample playback
  • Analog noise that goes from red and white to blue noise
  • Digital noise with sample and hold output
  • 16 transient and 16 drone samples
  • Samples have tune, bit rate, and ratchet controls
  • Bank of six square wave oscillators with filtering, tune, and spread controls
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 70mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Quick Jam: IO Instruments Eurorack Modules
IO Instruments has some interesting eurorack modules out and some more on the way. We put together this small system with a few of their modules including the Himalia which is a sound source with 5 generators including filtered analog noise, digital noise, a square wave oscillator, sampler with lots of built in drum sounds and a chord generator. IO also has basic modules like the Thermisto VCO, Euporie VCF, Pashiphae ring mod, Sinope VCA and Sponde mixer that add clever and useful extra features. All of the IO modules also have colorful knobs and a halftone paint job that makes them look great together.

We added in a Noise Engineering BIA for the kick, Intellijel Quadrax for envelopes and a Malekko Quad VCA for mixing and extra VCAs. Everything is sequenced with the Arturia Keystep Pro.
IO Instruments Himalia Penta Sound Source Reviews