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Future RetroTransient Plus Drum Voice


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Future Retro Transient Plus

Future Retro’s Transient Plus is a sampled percussion module like no other. In mere 12HP, it packs a full drum voice capable of both generating single-shot hits as well as creating an impression of the sound of a full-blown drum machine. On top of that, the samples can be triggered at audio rates, which makes it easy to create a wide variety sonic textures out of percussion recordings. Transient Plus can store up to 256 User Instruments on its microSD card, and it comes out of the box preloaded with original factory instruments to get you started making beats immediately.

Despite being a digital module, the sound it produces is uniquely natural, which is achieved through modulation of the samples’ amplitude phase parameter every time it is retriggered. The pitch of the samples can be set or modulated in the range of +1 to -5 octaves.

Speaking of modulation, there are quite a few options offered. Transient Plus hosts two modulation oscillators with waveforms ranging from traditional shapes to multistage looping envelopes. Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Ring Modulation (RM) are easily achievable. Furthermore, single-sample waveforms can be used as modulation sources, providing an even wider platform for arriving at new timbral territories.

The module also includes an internal mixer for balancing levels between the two voices. A multimode filter is implemented offering a choice between Highpass, Lowpass, and Bandpass processing, though it can be entirely bypassed. Finally, a Digital section allows for further character adjustment via compression/expansion, distortion, or bit-crushing algorithms.

Transient Plus Features

  • Two-voice architecture
  • Natural analog-like sound
  • Internal multimode filter
  • Two internal modulation oscillators
  • Audio-rate sample triggering
  • Up to 600 samples can be saved to and loaded from the microSD card
  • Up to 256 User Instruments can be saved to and loaded from the microSD card
  • Digital section for adding character to the samples
  • Two CV inputs for integrating external modulation signals
  • Attenuator controls for CV parameters
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25.4mm
  • Current draw: 105mA @ +12V, 17mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Shakmat Four Bricks Rook Sequencer With Future Retro Transient Plus
Shakmat Modular's Four Bricks Rook is a fast to program sequencer for up to four drums with interesting editing options. In this video we used it to sequence Future Retro's Transient Plus which is a powerful drum synthesizer module with built in presets and randomization. The Transient Plus has analog modulation and synthesis algorithms even though it is a digital module.

The other drums used were the Befaco Kickall, WMD Crucible and Tiptop SD 808 snare. We used the Future Retro Trax sequencer to program the Erica Synths Bassline synth module. Effects and mixing are done with Erica Synths modules and the Noise Engineering Kith Ruina is dirtying up the snare drum.
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