Elysianvelope 500 Series Dynamics Processor

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Elysia nvelope

Nvelope from Elysia is an audio processing tool that gives you control over an incoming signal's transient shape. It's excellent for adding animation and definition to any sound, including drums, vocals, or synthesizers.

Nvelope has three modes of operation: full-range, dual-band, and EQ. The attack and sustain controls increase or decrease the volume transients of audio, letting you get the perfect amount of definition. Dual-band mode incorporates frequency controls to determine how the start and end frequencies sound. EQ mode turns Nvelope into a two-band shelving EQ. Both sides feature all three modes, with independent or linked selection. Use Nvelope as mono, dual mono, or stereo operations for added flexibility. Nvelope excels as a shaping tool for your music's dynamics and harmonic character, letting you make everything sit perfectly in the mix.

nvelope Features

  • Transient shaper and EQ
  • Shapes the attack and sustain response of your sounds
  • Three independent modes—full-range, dual-band, and EQ
  • Mono, dual-mono, or stereo operation
  • 100% discrete class-A circuit topology
  • Stepped potentiometers for repeatable results
  • Auto-gain function
  • Inputs: Two XLR
  • Outputs: Two XLR
  • Frequency response:10Hz-400kHz
  • Dynamic range:112dB (20Hz-22kHz)
  • +/-16V 500 Series API power
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