Make Noise Dynamix Dual Low Pass Gate

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Make Noise Dynamix

Make Noise's Dynamix module is essentially the dynamics section from their acclaimed 0-Coast synthesizer, albeit transformed into a two-channel low-pass gate. It can also be used as a mixer and a versatile dynamics manager. Unlike its sister module, the Optomix, Dynamix dispenses with the vactrol in favor of transistors, a decision which firmly roots it in the East Coast tradition. By combining the module with Make Noise's Contour, users can achieve four stages of response. 

Functionally, the module contains a Level knob, a Dynmc knob, and summing section. Level governs the amplitude and frequency of the incoming audio signal while the Dynmc can serve as an audio side-chain input for optimal expansion, compression, and ducking. Last but not least, the summing section lets users chain multiple Make Noise mixing units together for maximum functionality; these include the modDemix, RxMx, and Optomix.

Dynamix Features

  • Transistor Low-pass Gate
  • Can be used as a ring modulator 
  • Audio side-chain input 
  • All knobs voltage controllable
  • External input allows for 3-channel mixing
  • Inspired by the VCA in the 0-Coast
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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current Draw: 55mA@+12V, 45mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Make Noise Dynamix And Contour
The Make Noise Contour and Dynamix are eurorack modules based on parts of their 0-coast synthesizer. The contour is a 4 stage envelope generator and the Dynamix is a two channel low pass gate, but with a fast transistor response instead of a vactrol control.
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