DreadboxKinematic Compressor & Filter Pedal


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Dreadbox Kinematic Compressor & Filter Pedal

The Kinematic compressor and filter pedal from Dreadbox is the perfect addition to your guitar or synthesizer rig to glue together dynamic performances. The Kinematic is a fully analog VCA-based compressor that feaures a band boosting filter as well as an envelope follower with a low-pass filter, giving you the ability to control the tone or level of your dynamics. In addition to the Kinematic's main function of dynamic control, there's also a built-in post diode overdrive to saturate your signal with analog warmth, meaning you can filter or compress your input and then drive it back up again on the output stage!

Dreadbox included several patch points on the Kinematic to make modular integration a breeze. Inputs for level and filter cutoff as well as an envelope follower output make this pedal even more versatile. The Kinematic is an ideal pedal for synthesizers and guitarists, with its pastel aesthetic sure to catch eyes and its analog dynamic management sure to bob heads.

Kinematic Features

  • Compression & filter pedal (switchable) with overdrive
  • Fully analog signal path
  • CMOS bypass with soft touch switches
  • Three Eurorack patch points
  • Vibrant powder coated chassis
  • Power supply not included
  • Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V center negative PSU (not included)
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Dreadbox Kinematic Compressor & Filter Pedal Reviews