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DPW DesignWF-1 + E-1 Wavefolder with Expander


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DPW Design WF-1 + E-1

The WF-1 wavefolder and its E-1 expander give you all-analog waveshaping that distorts and mangles your signal with plenty of modulation options. At its core there are two controls for manipulating the positive and negative portions of the waveform for asymmetrical waveshapes with a switch for symmetrical wave folding. The OffP will control both the negative and positive sides of the waveform in the symmetrical position. An additional OffN knob adjusts the negative wave folding, when in asymmetrical mode. Mod control lets you adjust the overall amount of the wave folding with lower levels giving you a compressor-like functionality. The Sum output has a three-way switch that adds a limiter for 5x amplification, distortion for up to 20x amplification, or bypasses the circuit for normal volume control. Attenuverters control the logical FoP and FoN outputs which go high whenever their respective waveshape counterparts are active. These outputs have been shaped to give a more musical characteristic to the otherwise square waveform.

With the E-1 Expander, you can use gate signals to engage the Limiter and Distortion settings for sequenced waveshaping. You can even drive them at audio rate for more unique harmonic content. With simple controls, an all-analog path, and superb functionality, the WF-1 and E-1 are great additions to your case.

WF-1 + E-1 Features

  • Analog wave folder and expansion
  • Independant controls for positive and negative sides of waveform
  • Overall wave folding level with Mod control
  • Limiter and Distortion built in for aggressive sounds
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical wave folding
  • Attenuverters for positive and negative outputs
  • Control knob for Sum output
  • E-1 Expander lets you use gates to engage Limiter and Distortion and can accept audio rate
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 140mA @ +12V, 140mA @ -12V
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