DoepferA-187-1 VC DSP Effects


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Doepfer A-187-1

The Deeper A-187 is a DSP effects module with four CV’able parameters. The primary effects are reverb, delay, pitch shift, and EQ, which are selected by two buttons on the front panel. A third button is available for turning the effect on and off. Additionally, there are two audio ins and two audio outs for stereo FX processing, and the module features a 32kHz/24-bit resolution. 

A-187-1 Features

  • EQs, Distortion, Pitch Shifting, Reverb, Echo, Chorus, and Delay FX!
  • Stereo FX Processing
  • Quick acting Bypass Button
  • CV inputs for 4 FX parameters
  • Reverb PreDelay ( around 0 .. 50 ms), Reverb time ( about 40 ms up to 500 ms)  / Chorus/Flanging (1 ms to 41 ms) ,  Delay ( 1 ms .. 165 ms) - all in 128 steps
  • Chorus/Flaging Rate  about 0,025 Hz till around 12,5 Hz  in 128 steps
  • Pitch Shifter: -12 half tones .... + 12 half tone - in half tone steps
  • All Equalizer parameters  in steps of 1 dB  from about -24dB to about +12dB
  • 20bit DA and AD converter, internal sound processing is 24bit
  • 32kHz sample rate
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