DoepferA-138f Dual 3-Way Crossfader


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Doepfer A-138f

Simple concept with flawless execution: the A-138f module from Doepfer offers two channels with three inputs each of CV and audio crossfading. Continuing the slimline series, this 4hp module is handy for performances, allowing you to easily fade between three sources per channel or for constructing elaborate, playable modulation networks. At full CCW you get input A, Noon is input B, and full CW is input C. Between those points are the various areas of gradation and overlap. Create calm or chaotic crossfades across two channels with this compact cutie, the A-138f from Doepfer.

A-138f Features

  • 2 Channels with 3 inputs, 1 output per channel
  • 2 knobs crossfade from A-B-C
  • DC-coupled, suitable for audio and CV signals
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 10mA @ +12V, 10mA @ 12V
Doepfer A-138f Dual 3-Way Crossfader Reviews