DoepferA-117 Digital Noise + 808 Source


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Doepfer A-117

The A-117 module from Doepfer is a combination module, useful as a noise source or as drum sound sources. On the top half is a random clock or noise generator. The Rate control can span the range of control to audio, providing a unique noise style, quite different from analog noise, when put into audio rate. This rate can be controlled by an external clock, such as a VCO or LFO. The bottom half provides two multi-oscillator arrays that attempt to model the sound sources for TR-808 and 606 hi-hat and cymbal sounds.

A-117 Features

  • Dual Module
  • Digital Noise + Random Clock source
  • External Clock input for Randomizer
  • Low Frequency to Audio rate noise
  • Dual Multi-oscillator array
  • 6 Oscillators array, great for cymbal sounds
  • 2 Oscillators array, great for Hi-hat sounds
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