DoepferA-113 Subharmonic Generator


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Doepfer A-113

Module A-113 is a subharmonic generator inspired by the Mixtur Trautonium. It uses the signal present at its input to produce a sawtooth wave with a frequency determined by the master frequency, itself a product of a division in the range of 1 - 24. The resulting subharmonics are available per channel as well as a cumulative mix (with the ability to alter the subharmonic levels). Additional features include dual gate inputs for selecting between different frequency division settings, and a mix memory containing 50 presets.

A-113 Features

  • Four digital frequency dividers with 2-digit display and up/down adjustment buttons
  • Rectangle/sawtooh converter
  • Attenuator governing the overall subharmonic amount in the mix output
  • 2 gate inputs for switching between mixtures
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