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Blue LanternPhobos Lunar LFO


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Blue Lantern Phobos

Despite its name, the Phobos Lunar LFO is actually comprised of five modules. The entirety of the module is based around a phase-locked loop that creates the oscillation. The module grants users access to the master clock used in this process, allowing for a plethora of complex modulations. A dedicated LFO/HFO switch designated the modulation speed, and an internal CV switch allows for selection between six different wave forms, including a step generated wave that moves at about half the rate of the internal LFO. A dedicated hard sync in will reset the LFO, and a level knob control the output volume. 

The next section of the module is a clock divider with a CV-selectable output. The clock is capable of operating at audio rate, where it sounds like a subharmonic generator. Additionally, the module’s clock divider can be clocked internally or externally. Users take note, it is normal for the clock will lock up at higher frequencies. 

Although primarily designed as an LFO, the module is capable of functioning as an oscillator. When used in this way, the module is capable of 1V/Oct tracking and spans a range of four octaves.

Phobos Features

  • Phase Locked Loop based LFO
  • Goes into audio rate
  • 6 waveforms with CV control of waveform output
  • Clock divider with CV control of output
  • 1V/octave tracking over 4 octaves
  • eurorack module
  • width: 12hp
  • current: TBD
  • depth: TBD
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